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Cynopsis 參與了 FinTechSpace 舉辦的講座,討論「資金匯回專法」的規範


台灣政府為吸引臺商境外資金回臺投資,立法院今年7 月3 日三讀通過「境外資金匯回管理運用及課稅條例」(簡稱「資金匯回專法」),並於8 月15 日正式施行。然而, 資金透過專法回臺投資之影響層面甚廣,除需符合亞太防制洗錢組織(APG)評鑑及國際防制洗錢的管制,大筆資金回臺對於我國產業結構及金融市場的衝擊,以及資金實際匯回投資後,如何建立完善制度,結合各部會之配套措施及執行力度有效控管資金動向。


On September 5th, the Taiwan team is thrilled to attend a FinTechSpace seminar focusing on the newly set regulation titled “Regulations Governing the Management, Utilization and Taxation of Repatriated Offshore Funds”. Chen Hong-wen, the head of the State Taxation Bureau of the Ministry of Finance, was invited to share about the impact of this new regulation with the major financial institutions in Taiwan. We are also honoured to be invited on stage to share the regulatory pain points that many financial institutions are facing and to present our use case to demonstrate how our solutions can resolve their concerns.

To encourage Taiwanese businessmen to invest locally, the Legislative Yuan of Taiwan passed the new regulation on July 3rd this year, and it was officially implemented on August 15th. However, this regulation has its potential implications for instance, the immediate substantial amount of overseas funds brought in by the local businessmen could negatively affect the industry and the financial market. Hence, Taiwan have to control the flow of funds effectively to prevent vast and sudden alteration of the industry structure and financial market.

To ensure that the new regulation works effectively, besides abiding the Asia-Pacific Anti-Money Laundering Organization (APG) and the institutes of international anti-money laundering’s guidelines, Taiwan needs to think of a way to integrate the supporting measures, as well as the efforts across different ministries, to properly contain the above-mentioned effect.

We would like to thank the event organiser for having us so that we can further enhance our understanding of the newly implemented regulation, and to have this opportunity to mingle with the relevant stakeholders. We will continue to seek further updates and opportunities to help financial institutions better comply to regulations required from the supervision authority.

About Cynopsis Solutions:

Cynopsis Solutions was established in Singapore in 2014 and offers regulatory technology (RegTech) solutions designed to automate KYC processes. It has operations in Singapore, UK, Taiwan and Vietnam. Cynopsis Solutions is a winner of MAS FinTech Awards 2018 and has been recognized as one of the REGTECH100 – an annual list of 100 of the world’s most innovative RegTech companies as determined by RegTech Analyst, a RegTech intelligence platform.




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