We Specialise In Your Needs

Innovate and combine our deep regulatory expertise with Artificial Intelligence 

Help customers automate and digitise their KYC / AML / CTF processes 

Achieve regulatory advantages against competition


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Liveness Test

Optical Character Recognition (OCR)

API Integration

Global Database:

Dow Jones / Refinitiv


AML Risk Assessment, Scoring & Bucketing


Time Stamping & Audit Trail

Derived from Indicators of Money Laundering Published by FATF

Visualise & Analyse Historical

Transactions and Patterns

API Integration

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Automates Quarterly Sampling of Transactions


Computes BSC Grades of Representatives and Supervisors


Generates Management Reports and MAS BSC Report

A KYC Network that Satisfies Real-World Regulations

Provides an Ongoing Due Diligence Process that is Demonstrable to Regulators

Fuses Smart Contracts with A.I. to Promote Regulatory Inclusion