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Cynopsis Solutions is proud to be listed amongst global RegTech players in 3 separate listings:

1. LinkedIn Article published by Mr. Jan-Maarten Mulder on 16 November 2016. The article listed 120 RegTech startups globally across multiple domains of regulatory reporting, governance, data analytics, customer on-boarding etc. There are only 3 such Singapore-based companies in the list of which Cynopsis Solutions is one of them.

Jan-Maarten is an investor in early stage FinTech & Data companies. He has mapped out the emerging RegTech space in his blogs and is a frequent conference speaker. Based in Amsterdam, Jan-Maarten is a former banking and finance senior executive, and previously ran a global commercial banking unit for ABN AMRO bank. He started his career in investment banking and has lived and worked in The Netherlands, UK, US, and Switzerland. Currently very interested in everything RegTech and helping companies achieve their objectives through investment and/or (advisory) board roles.

2. RegTech Directory published by Planet Compliance in December 2016. Similar to the above list, the Directory listed 167 RegTech companies globally with more comprehensive profile data collected by Planet Compliance. Again, Cynopsis Solutions is one of the few Singapore-based RegTech companies featured in this Directory.

PlanetCompliance is a platform that provides news and resources to anyone who works in the financial industry or has an interest in regulation and compliance.

3. 6 Singapore FinTech Startups to Watch in 2017, published by Datarama in December 2016.

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