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NTU Internship Fair - Cynopsis & team meets bright NTU undergraduates

Another rewarding career event for both Cynopsis and team! We are delighted to have the opportunity to attend the Nanyang Technological University (NTU) Internship Fair, meeting many young, bright and passionate undergraduates looking to embark on a fruitful yet exciting internship experience.

At Cynopsis and, we value bright young minds with a keen-to-learn attitude, and go-getters who are driven and not afraid of challenges. Most importantly, we value our interns' learning journey and the takeaway from their internship experience at Cynopsis and So come join us if you are looking to explore a well-rounded internship experience!

Many thanks to the NTU Internship Fair organisers for giving us the honour to showcase at this event where we can closely interact with the students.

Once again, we welcome anyone who is interested to do an internship at Cynopsis to apply for our Accelerated RegTech Challenge (ARC) program here. Whether you are on the Tech Track or Biz Track, it will be a fruitful experience for you to take away! Learn more about our ARC program here.

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