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Collaboration With Handshakes

Cynopsis is proud to collaborate with our latest partner, Handshakes, to bring even more value-added services to our clients.

In this collaboration, our clients using Artemis - KYC Automated will be able to purchase ACRA Bizfile corporate profile of their end customer on Artemis platform from Handshakes - an authorised re-seller of ACRA products.

This integration has numerous benefits including the convenience of having the Directors and Shareholders in the Bizfile corporate profile directly extracted and input into relevant sections and fields in Artemis without the need to buy the pdf version and manually key-in the data for screening and risk assessment purposes. It streamlines an otherwise manual and analogue process.

This is in line with our Government's call for Smart Nation and connectivity via API across various industries. We believe that staying ahead of the regulatory and technology curves brings tangible benefits for our clients in the long term.

We are doing a soft-launch of this new service on 4 September 2017 and will roll out to all clients shortly. Please contact for more information.

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