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Shaping the Regulatory Landscape in Digital Asset Space with Wowoo Exchange

Cynopsis Solutions is pleased to announce our partnership with Wowoo Exchange, a Singapore digital asset trading platform. Cynopsis Solutions and Wowoo Exchange will be working together to deploy a solution to meet increasingly complex regulations in the digital asset space.

Wowoo Exchange allows the easy trading of digital assets with secure hot and cold wallet management features. Its user-friendly platform has a customisable interface designed to fit all types of customers from first-time users to seasoned traders.

In line with Cynopsis Solutions’ objective of shaping the regulatory landscape in digital asset space, Wowoo Exchange strong commitment to global regulations will create a dynamic partnership between both.

“The partnership is a strategic business decision. Wowoo Exchange and Cynopsis Solutions share the same vision of shaping the future of digital asset standards by adhering to the local regulations and compliance practices", said Willie Chang, CEO of Wowoo Exchange.

Wowoo Exchange will be engaging Cynopsis Solutions’ services to ensure that it is operating under the highest industry standards of regulatory compliance.

"This synergistic partnership results from the shared vision of both companies’ to shape the regulatory landscape in the digital asset space. Cynopsis will work closely with Wowoo Exchange to ensure that the compliance practices adhere to the highest regulatory standards," said Chye Kit Chionh, Managing Director and Co-Founder of Cynopsis Solutions.

About Wowoo Exchange

Wowoo Exchange is a Singapore-based digital asset trading platform focused on global compliance and security and allows customers to trade digital assets cost-effectively.


Twitter: @wowooexchange



About Cynopsis Solutions

Cynopsis Solutions is a REGTECH100 company established in Singapore in 2014. A winner of MAS FinTech Award 2018, it offers regulatory technology (RegTech) solutions designed to automate KYC processes.




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