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Cynopsis Team at the Ministry of Law Onboarding Conference

The Ministry of Law has recently conducted an onboarding conference for the Precious Stones and Precious Metals Dealers (PSMD) sector, and Cynopsis Solutions is delighted to be given the opportunity to showcase our unique Know Your Customer/Anti-Money Laundering (KYC/AML) solution that provides comprehensive screening services.

In light of the recent bill passed by the Ministry of Law, the bill aims to establish a regulatory regime for Anti-Money Laundering (AML) and Counter Terrorism Financing (CTF) for PSMD in Singapore to better monitor, manage and mitigate Money Laundering/Terrorism Financing (ML/TF) risks. Under the new bill, regulated dealers are required to conduct stricter customer due diligence (CDD) checks when handling transactions.

Gathering nearly 200 attendees from the PSMD sector, the event provided a platform for Cynopsis team to share with the attendees how our solution can help them comply with the Ministry of Law’s regulations easily. We presented our affordable solution, Artemis Zero, that not only helps regulated dealers to automate their KYC/AML processes, it also provides a robust and comprehensive screening database, powered by Dow Jones. With this end-to-end solution, the regulated dealers will be able to keep up with future regulatory changes. We are also glad to have cross shouldered with our database partner, Dow Jones, during the event.

We are glad to catch up with our database partner, Dow Jones, during the event.

Once again we would like to thank the organiser and everyone that we have interacted with during the event. We look forward to helping regulated dealers in the PSMD sector to better comply with regulatory requirements moving forward.

About Cynopsis Solutions

Cynopsis Solutions was established in Singapore in 2014 and offers regulatory technology (reg tech) solutions designed to automate KYC processes. It has operations in Singapore, UK, Taiwan and Vietnam. Cynopsis Solutions is a winner of MAS FinTech Awards 2018 and has been recognized as one of the REGTECH100 – an annual list of 100 of the world’s most innovative RegTech companies as determined by RegTech Analyst, a RegTech intelligence platform.




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