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Serving the underserved and transforming compliance with Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Singapore FinTech Association (SFA) on 21 March 2019

As part of an inaugural WMI-Temasek Foundation Connects Anti-Money Laundering Programme, Nanyang Technological University organised a visit for over thirty regional delegates to Singapore FinTech Association (SFA) to learn about Singapore’s start-up ecosystem in AML and RegTech space.

We are pleased that SFA invited our CEO, Chye Kit, to share with the delegates about RegTech and its role in preventing money laundering. Chye Kit shared with the audience how Cynopsis utilises functional technologies with deep regulatory expertise to automate the manual, and digitise the analogue to simplify compliance processes. The ever-changing regulatory landscape posed challenges to FinTech startups due to the lack of resources and compliance expertise. RegTech therefore comes into play, serving the underserved in the FinTech ecosystem, helping them to comply with ease with automated AML/KYC solutions.

Chye Kit further elaborated on how Cynopsis can be useful for both financial and non-financial services clients that are required to comply to AML/KYC requirements.

We would like to thank SFA once again for this opportunity to present our solutions.

RegPac seminar on 22 March 2019

Upon concluding the successful sharing session at Singapore FinTech Association, Chye Kit was invited to speak at the panel discussion in a seminar jointly organised by RegPac Revolution and ClauseMatch. The event “Evolve with Compliance – How AI and machine learning technology is transforming compliance” has gathered together industry experts to exchange and share their expertise in the field of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and machine learning.

Speaking at the panel discussion, Chye Kit shared with the audience how AI and machine learning have potentially been used and how it has helped in transforming compliance functions in the Banking and Financial Services industry.

Chye Kit also currently serves as an advisor to RegPac Revolutions. We would like to also thank RegPac Revolution and ClauseMatch for this opportunity to participate in the panel discussion.

About Cynopsis Solutions

Cynopsis Solutions was established in Singapore in 2014 and offers regulatory technology (reg tech) solutions designed to automate KYC processes. It has operations in Singapore, UK, Taiwan and Vietnam. Cynopsis Solutions is a winner of MAS FinTech Awards 2018 and has been recognized as one of the REGTECH100 – an annual list of 100 of the world’s most innovative RegTech companies as determined by RegTech Analyst, a RegTech intelligence platform.





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