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Chye Kit Speaking at AWS Summit SG 2018

It is our pleasure to have Chye Kit speaking at the AWS Summit Singapore 2018 event on 4 April. He shared about how we leverage AWS technology capabilities in Regulation Technology.

Notably, our flagship product Artemis, has been tried and implemented by more than 500+ B2B clients around the world in just more than 40 months of operations. We help the professional services, financial institutions, FinTech start-ups and cryptocurrencies to automate their compliance processes. Our vision is to achieve Regulatory Inclusion by making it easier for even the smaller players to comply with their respective AML/CTF regulations in a cost-effective manner.

By leveraging Artificial Intelligence, we automate the manual and digitise the analogue for more than 3000 users globally. As a leading RegTech Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) in KYC/AML/CTF, we are proud to be one of the RegTech 100 companies in the world as well as the only founding member of the RegTech Association in Australia.

As regulatory goes up, satisfaction goes down for both regulators and businesses. We, at Cynopsis, is here to address your pain points. Book a demo with us to see how we can create a seamless KYC onboarding experience for your business.

If you missed the event, feel free to check out the video at 34:31!

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