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Riding the Wave of FinTech Fiesta!

On 5 October, Cynopsis Solutions participated in the inaugural FinTech Fiesta! Thank you RHT Compliance Solutions for inviting us to the event.

It is a fantastic Conference with lots of sharing and insights into various topics ranging from regulatory challenges, FinTech, blockchain, VC etc.

Our Co-Founder, Mr. Chionh Chye Kit, spoke on the 2nd Panel discussing RegTech and its opportunities for incumbent financial services companies as well as FinTech startups. Its all about making regulatory processes more efficient and more affordable.

With a crowd size of more than 150 participants, we met a number of clients who also spoke on several Panel Discussions sharing their insightful thoughts and experience.

The FinTech companies sharing views on regulatory challenges that they are facing.

My personal favourite Panel Discussion on blockchain and its various implications

Thanks to RHT Compliance Solutions for the booth space (and the t-shirts).

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