Cynopsis and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Day: Contributing positively to the en

At Cynopsis Solutions and, we understand the importance of CSR and as part of our business practices to create a positive impact to both our employees and the community, Cynopsis Solutions and teams organised and attended Parks and Beaches Cleaning Programme at East Coast Park (ECP). The aim of this activity is to provide a cleaner and safer environment for park users and wildlife and to raise environmental awareness among ourselves and the wider public.

Our CEO, Chionh Chye Kit was sharing the rationale of conducting Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and Park and Beach cleaning to the team.​

Through this exercise, the teams learned more about water pollution caused by marine debris, human-created wastes that has been deliberately or accidentally dumped into the sea. We hope that through this small act of litter picking exercise, we can help to raise and spread environmental awareness on an organisational and societal level.

Main organiser of the CSR exercise, Ong Jing Ning, conducting safety briefing to the team.

Different teams getting ready and setting off to start the Parks and Beaches cleaning exercise.​

Some of the common litter items that we picked up included plastic bottles, paper cups, plastic bags and plastic packaging. These items pose as a health hazard for park users as all these items act as water collectibles for breeding mosquitoes, causing potential risks for park users to get down with Dengue Fever. Apart from the aforementioned risks, such items are also considered as environmental and health hazards for the marine wildlifes, as they may mistaken these items as food and ingest them. They could also get trapped in these items, which could restrict their movements to search for food, potentially causing death of these marine animals.

The amount of litters collected by the end of the exercise. Litters were also sorted out into the recyclables and non-recyclables.

The teams are glad to be able to participate in this exercise where we gained deeper insights into some of the environmental challenges that the world is facing. We are also pleased to be able to contribute back to the society and environment through this CSR activity.

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