Upcoming events for Cynopsis Solutions and traceto.io!

It has been an action-packed month for both Cynopsis Solutions and traceto.io, concluding our participation at many big key industry events in different regions. Our stellar team has built up strong collaborations at these key events, and we are very excited for traceto.io’s roadmap going forward. If you miss us at the previous events, fret not. There will be more exciting events in the following week and coming June. Cynopsis Solutions and traceto.io will continue our journey of promoting regulatory inclusion, while building a seamless process for your compliance and regulatory needs.

Catch us at the following events!

30 MAY: ICO Pitch Night, Singapore

Location: Singapore

Speaker: Chionh Chye Kit (CEO and Founder of Cynopsis Solutions and traceto.io)

ICO Pitch Night Singapore is co-hosted by several fintech, edtech and blockchain partner groups. On this night, Chye Kit will be sharing more on traceto.io, and how our services are on track to revolutionise KYC and AML processes for RegTech and Blockchain industry. With close to two decades of regulatory and compliance experience, and various experiences as guest speaker, panelist and moderator, Chye Kit’s ICO pitch will be highly anticipated.

For more information, please click on the event link below:


1 JUNE: ISCA Practitioners Conference

Location: Singapore

Sponsor and Exhibitor: Cynopsis Solutions

The ISCA Practitioners Conference gathers professional auditors from both the public and private sectors to share their experiences in the industry. The conference aims to show how auditors can create significant impact through their work to deliver both quality and value to stakeholders. Seasoned experts will be sharing about various topics, including cybersecurity risks, anti-money laundering, corruption, and many more. As an exhibitor at the event, Cynopsis Solutions team will share our flagship product, Artemis, with the auditors present. Artemis has already been implemented by more than 600+ B2B clients around the world in just after 40 months of operations. By utilising Artemis to automate manual and digitise analogue forms of KYC, Cynopsis Solutions helps small enterprises and startups better comply with their respective AML/CTF regulations in a cost-effective manner — driving us towards the road of regulatory inclusion.

For more information, please click on the event link below:


4 JUNE: LongHash Blockchain Incubator

Location: Singapore

Speaker: Chionh Chye Kit (CEO and Founder of Cynopsis Solutions and traceto.io)

LongHash Blockchain Incubator will be hosting an event for key industry players to share about the Blockchain regulatory environment, legal framework and KYC requirements. We are excited to have Chye Kit (CEO and Co-founder of Cynopsis Solutions and traceto.io) joining the event as a speaker on the panel. He will be sharing on the revolving regulatory environment for Blockchain businesses and the importance of acquiring appropriate KYC/AML solutions for Blockchain startups.

For more information, please click on the link below:


8 JUNE: Kyber Network Launch Party

Location: Singapore

Speaker: Chionh Chye Kit (CEO and Founder of Cynopsis Solutions and traceto.io)

Catch us at the Kyber Network Launch Party on 8 June! Chye Kit has been invited as a guest speaker, and currently sits on the Advisory board for Kyber Network. Dr. Loi Luu, CEO of Kyber Network, and Mr. Wong Lee Hong, Executive Advisor to Kyber Network, currently sits on traceto.io’s Advisory Board. Hear Chye Kit share about our collaborations with Kyber Network, and how our strategic partnership will create a more efficient and effective KYC and AML process for the Blockchains.

Join us on our journey of revolutionising the RegTech and Blockchain industry!

About traceto.io

traceto.io is a decentralised Know Your Customer (KYC) network that provides an inclusive KYC solution to cryptocurrency and blockchain product companies by fusing Smart Contract and Artificial Intelligence technologies. Leveraging on over 5 decades of experience in Compliance and RegTech, traceto.io’s vision is to bridge the gap between the real and virtual world KYC processes.

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