Cynopsis Joins The RegTech Association as Founding Member

Cynopsis is proud to join The RegTech Association as a Founding Member. It is also the only Singapore-based RegTech company amongst the other 11 Founding Members with Australian origin. In time to come, the idea is expand the collaboration across more RegTech companies in the world.

The RegTech Association strives to

  1. Lead a collaborative movement for the greater business community. As changemakers, we aim to lead the way as key influencers by putting collaboration first at all levels. We will continue to uphold our key player status in the APAC market - as our expertise is supported by the high-level homogeneity shared with Asia’s regulatory environment, which uniquely positions us to make an impact globally.

  2. Advocate the use of technology to promote better businesses. As we continue to challenge traditional methods of regulatory and compliance management, we will endeavor to encourage further support of the governing industry bodies. We will demonstrate how collaborating with RegTechs will help improve the industry as a whole.

  3. Educate businesses to drive growth. As a network, we will drive open-minded and innovative thinking across all stakeholder channels to challenge the status quo. Developing attention in all areas, from internal champions to end customers, investors to government; with a grounded understanding of how all parties are involved, will break down barriers and provide the power to elevate the eco-system.

  4. Support the networks that will see us succeed. As advocates for promoting the achievements, partnerships and collaborations of the RegTech sector, we deeply value the determination of our tech forbearers before us and will continue to foster relationships with all stakeholders and deepen relationships with the cross channel eco-systems.

I think the success of the RegTech industry in the region depends very much on the strength of collaboration and trust amongst RegTech'ers, regulators and end customers. Just like the increase in partnership and collaboration initiatives by regulators around the world, The RegTech Association is a tiny step forward in the same direction to promote better regulatory and compliance outcomes through the smart use of technology.

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