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Nurturing Talent & Innovation - Meet Our Interns

At Cynopsis Solutions, we're dedicated to fostering talent and offering valuable learning opportunities. As part of this commitment, we open our doors to trainees who also infuse our team with new ideas, energy, and innovation. As the internship of two outstanding individuals - Mingwei & Zheng Kai, comes to an end, we sat down to reflect on the experiences and gain insights into their journeys.

First of all, could you kindly introduce yourself to our readers?

Mingwei: I'm Mingwei, currently an upcoming second-year student pursuing a Computer Science degree at Singapore Management University.

My introduction to Cynopsis Solutions was fueled by a keen interest in RegTech and its potential to transform the financial compliance landscape. This curiosity led me to the discovery of Cynopsis Solutions. Their mission to address challenges like anti-money laundering (AML) and counter-terrorism financing (CTF) through innovative solutions strongly resonated with me. What truly excited me was the chance to be involved in hands-on POC projects, such as developing blockchain integration and crafting an AI-powered chatbot. It became clear that this was the perfect environment for both my learning journey and my aspiration to make meaningful contributions.

Zheng Kai: My name is Zheng Kai, an incoming student at SMU who will be studying Information Systems and Business Management .

I found out about Cynopsis Solutions on MyCareersFuture, and as someone who was interested in Regulatory Technology, this company immediately caught my eye.

What’s your role at Cynopsis?

Mingwei - Our Tech Intern, coding up a storm.

Mingwei: I had the privilege of working on two Proof of Concept (POC) demos – one involving the integration of Ethereum Blockchain with the Artemis 3 product and the other focused on developing an AI-powered chatbot using the GPT3.5 model. Furthermore, I was provided with the chance to resolve concerns and improve the existing Know-Your-Customer (KYC) product (Artemis 3.0) of the company.

Zheng Kai: I am currently a Product and Client Management Intern at Cynopsis Solutions.

How’s your overall experience with your internship?

Mingwei: My internship was incredibly rewarding and enriching. I worked on innovative projects, gaining hands-on experience with cutting-edge technologies. The open and collaborative culture nurtured a supportive environment where expertise was freely shared. Guidance from my supervisor and colleague fueled my professional growth. Overcoming challenges honed my problem-solving skills and resilience. Overall, this internship significantly enhanced my growth as a tech professional, leaving a positive and lasting impression of Cynopsis Solutions.

Zheng Kai: I am very satisfied with this internship and I felt that I have learnt many new skills and gained newfound knowledge that I can apply to the working world.

What are the key aspects of Cynopsis will you miss most after your internship?

Zheng Kai - Our Product & Client Management Intern in his natural habitat.

Mingwei: There are several aspects of Cynopsis Solutions that I'll always cherish and miss once my internship comes to an end. The innovative atmosphere, where embracing tech like blockchain and AI reflects our forward-looking approach to intricate compliance challenges. The camaraderie within the team, warm and collaborative interactions and a culture of support, created a dynamic and inclusive environment. My mentor's guidance was invaluable—his expertise and patience greatly aided my growth. Lastly, the learning opportunities from real-world projects and alignment with industry trends expanded my skills and enriched my journey.

Zheng Kai: One of the biggest things I would miss is the people that I work with. My colleagues are all very friendly and willing to help me out and clarify whatever doubts that I have. Without them, this internship would not be the remarkable experience that it is.

On a scale of 1 - 5 (1 being most unlikely and 5 being most likely), how likely it is would you recommend your friends to Cynopsis Solutions?

Mingwei: I would rate my likelihood to recommend Cynopsis Solutions to my friends as a strong 5. My positive experience during my internship, the innovative projects I worked on, the supportive team, and the valuable learning opportunities have left me with a favourable impression of the company. I believe my friends would also benefit from the positive work environment and the chance to contribute to cutting-edge technologies within the RegTech sector.

Zheng Kai: Definitely a 5. I think Cynopsis Solutions is a really good place to learn, grow, and meet amazing people!

Lastly, what advice would you give to Cynopsis Solution’s management?

Mingwei: Firstly, maintaining a culture that encourages the exploration of new tech and ideas will foster innovation for groundbreaking solutions and services. Second, providing employees with a platform to regularly share their thoughts and concerns can foster a sense of involvement and ownership among the team.

In addition, encouraging cross-functional collaboration between different teams can enhance communication, foster creative problem-solving, and lead to more comprehensive solutions. Lastly, acknowledging and appreciating employees' contributions plays a vital role. Recognising their efforts not only boosts morale but also motivates the team towards greater achievements.

From my perspective as an intern, these were the insights I've gained that could contribute to Cynopsis Solution's ongoing success.

Zheng Kai:  I don't really have any advice, other than to keep up the good work!

We bid farewell to Mingwei & Zheng kai as they wrap up their journey here at Cynopsis Solutions. Their dynamic energy and fresh ideas have truly made their mark. We're grateful for their valuable contributions and are excited to keep supporting new talents.


About Cynopsis Solutions   

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Cynopsis Solutions helps companies digitise and automate AML/KYC compliance processes. Our focus is on know-your-customer, anti-money laundering, and counter-terrorism financing.Cynopsis Solutions’ accolades include MAS FinTech Awards, RegTech100, and Financial Times Top 50 High Growth Companies in APAC.

Our end-to-end KYC/AML solutions are designed according to the global FATF recommendations and applicable in more than 180 jurisdictions.We've helped firms across various industries, not limited to Banking and Financial Services, Property Development FinTech, Cryptocurrency, Professional Services and Gaming sectors.

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